Enchated wedding in Umbria

Sarah and Markus’ chose the heart of italy and their wedding in Umbria was celebrating at the breathtaking and exclusive venue La Badia di Orvieto.
Sarah, hailing from Uganda, has always been a dreamer and a fashion enthusiast, cherishing a love for adventurous travels with style. Markus, a gentleman from Switzerland, exudes elegance and kindness.

Their wedding day was a fusion of cultures and love. Sarah’s family, dressed in traditional Ugandan attire, joined alongside their closest friends to celebrate this remarkable couple’s love.

The symbolic ceremony took place in the stunning frescoed hall at La Badia. Following this, a stroll through the alleyways of Orvieto, indulging in the must-have gelato, and finally, a starlit dinner brought the day to a perfect close for this wedding in Umbria. Every moment was a testament to the unique blend of their personalities and the beauty of their union in this idyllic Italian setting.


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